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8mm/super 8mm/16mm/35mm slides & negatives transferred (digitized)

Example of my film transfer work. This is from a 16mm silent Kodachrome, circa 1944.

Film is fragile; transfer with care.

As a 40-year collector of motion picture film and color transparency (slide) photographer for even longer, I have both the technical knowledge and a deep appreciation for these media, now all but extinct.

Embedded in their emulsions are memories, history and stories than will be lost without proper care and digitalization. My services include:

  • Frame-by-frame scanning of 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm motion picture film, color or black and white, at 720p HD video resolution;
  • Color and density correction;
  • Restoration of proper timing (frame rates);
  • Addition of titles and copyright-release music;
  • Burning of video to a DVD or Blu Ray with meun system.
  • Scanning of 35mm slides with dust and damage removal, color/density correction and cropping;
  • Burning of slides as individual files or part of a DVD video story.


  • There is minimum motion picture per job charge of $50.
  • Film scanning is priced by the foot: 10 cents for silent regular 8mm/Super 8mm; 10 cents per foot for 16mm. This is for the raw, uncorrected, no music added service. For corrections (density, color), add 5 cents per foot; for music background, add 5 cents per foot.
  • Delivery options include as an MP4 file to upload/archive, DVD or Blu-Ray. Standard DVD, per unit, is $10 for the first DVD and holds up to one hour of video. Each additional DVD is $5 when ordered at the same time as the first one. Archival DVD is $15.00 for the first, $10 for each additional (special DVD blank for a longer life).
  • For Blu-Ray, there is a flat charge of $10 additional per disc.
  • I will burn all the image files from your scans to a DVD or Blu-Ray disc, or save them to your hard drive. Call for pricing. With this service, you will be able to print any image that is in your motion picture film (due to the process of making a motion picture, the images may be blurry [motion blur]). Sometimes, the only image of a deceased loved one is in a home movie — the scanning technology I use allows you to have those images as still pictures!

Slide & print scanning charge:

  • 50 cents for 8X10 resolution, plus storage media; $10 minimum
  • $5 for 4K resolution, includes DVD media


Family/Individual biography documentaries/funeral memorial shows

Your life story, or that of a beloved family member, deserves to be told in a cinematic production using interviews, archival photos, maps and artifacts. I can handle all aspects of researching, telling and assembling the story. Print biographies also available.

Call for information: 440-415-3596:

Videos for Internet marketing

Market your product or service using a custom video in which you tell your story. I can help with all aspects of production, from concept to delivery. Call or email to discuss your project ideas. 440-415-3596.


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