I wanted to be a filmmaker, but lacking the resources, became a still photographer. But soon afterward I was using a dissolve to blend the still images from two slide projectors into fluid presentations.

That was in the early 1970s, and for more than three decades I pursued the art of multi-image, long before it became “multi-media.”

Today, of course, we can make images move in Ken Burns style and blend them with dizzying effects at the click of a mouse. Stuff that used to take hours to accomplish or program with slides can be done instantly.

My video work retains that fascination with the still image, as well as my lifelong interest in storytelling.

The Feather Cottage You Tube channel is where my video work resides. I also make DVDs of my videos and offer them for sale in my shop.

My latest project has been a 60-minute documentary about the Finnish immigrant neighborhood in Ashtabula Harbor. Here’s the trailer for the film:

Among my recent projects are this video about Archie Bell, a noted drama critic from Geneva:

And an ArtPlace grant application video for the City of Geneva: