Daily Archives: June 16, 2017



Cursed INFJ, you think in metaphors,
even your crumbling cottage is one
for the love you could not hold.

Those boulders in the basement –
love, trust and respect –
foundations for marriage.
Above it four walls of rock rise,
large rocks, small rocks, mortar.
The first floor of a cottage,
to reach heaven.

No cottage
reaches heaven without
the struggle of lifting boulders,
Attempt to lift a boulder alone,
and it crushes you;
lift it together, it strengthens you
even rewards you,
with strong walls,
real love.

Between the boulders we stuff
the stuff life is made of,
–  stones of laughter,
gentle touches, gazes, kisses –
held together with love’s mortar,
cured with kind words,
becomes a binder
to the ivy
of lies.

Now the mortar crumbles,
the stones fall out, forgotten,
as if the oak leaves,
from four summers ago,
never grew, never hung,
only fell,
like tears
on my