The Perfect, One Way

The Perfect, One Way

The recent circus surrounding the Senate confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh remind me of humanity’s hypocritical pursuit for the sinless, perfect man among the dead ends of their own kind.

No matter where you stand on the issue of Mr. Kavanaugh and the allegations against him, I think that, unless you are a narcissist and oblivious to your shortcomings, we have, as the Bible says, “all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.”

When one is being considered for a high post in a sinless county like the United States, every infraction from the day you were born comes under scrutiny. The higher the post, the higher the stakes and the higher the standards. Most of us don’t have to go back to our high school days to find indiscretions, stupid/poor decisions, and cases of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and in the wrong frame of mind.

High school and college days are, for most of us, places best left untouched. I mean, look at the hairstyles we wore back then, and the clothes! Those things alone tell us we were making bad decisions.

And yet those are the days upon which the next 40 years or more hinge. Get a good education, keep your nose clean and follow the rules, and you’ll be set for life. Go to the wrong party, drop out of college, smoke weed, and your life is over.

The decision from that era that I most regret is to dropping out of college entering a “management training program” in retailing. That bad decision put me on the path of a bottom-feeding jobs that offered nothing in way of advancement, escape or better wages.

There was one decision that I made during those years that was right: I chose Jesus Christ as my model for living. I have not always followed him, and there was a time or two in my life when we parted ways for a spell. But I have always come back because everything else I tried fell short of the life, hope and wisdom in Him.

I’ll also say that it’s been a frustrating life. I’ve really never known where I was going, aside from heaven. You just follow and try to stay on the path. If you start to stray, the Holy Spirit is there to get you back on the path. But you never see where you are headed because that bright light in the distance blinds you to the road ahead. And that is probably just as well, because just when you think you have your destination figured out, life rewrites the map or moves the place into another galaxy.

“Man plans and God laughs,” as the Yiddish proverb goes.

But I choose to follow Christ, all the same.

Both Scripture and Orthodox Christianity affirm the sinless nature of Christ. You can do the Bible study yourself; in fact, it is essential you study that topic for yourself and come to your own conclusion about who Jesus was and his claims about himself. If, after making a sincere study with your mind and heart you determine that you can’t believe in him, then you are indeed free to reject his claims and make your own way in life. I judge no one who actually studies these things for himself. It’s the ones who either follow or do not follow Christ for the wrong reasons/excuses who concern me.

The recent debacle in the Senate clearly shows that Americans want perfection in their public servants, yet a license to be imperfect in their own lives, unless their ambitions are the Supreme Court. Ironically, we look to that court to determine what will be legal/illegal in our land. Want something that is morally wrong to be legally right? Just get the right-thinking justices on the court. Seriously, that’s what this whole circus is about, legalizing things that are morally wrong. That may be investor greed, justified injustice, virtual prostitution or murder veiled as abortion. Unless we are following the truly sinless one, our morality will be skewed by the desires of our flesh, our personal weaknesses and the degree of our brainwashing in the classrooms of liberal learning.

We choose our leaders according to our own hearts and desires, not a concrete moral standard. Because of that, two people can give two totally different testimonies under oath and each consider himself or herself absolutely correct. Our hearts make lousy witnesses to our character. Our actions are much more accurate witnesses. And only God sees all of actions, and knows our true hearts.

And both will eventually be revealed. If one accepts the Bible as truth of things to come, we must recognize that each human who ever lived will come before the Judgement Seat of Christ. All the dirt from our lives, judged by the standards that God gave, will be placed on the table.

The thought of coming before the US Senate and the citizens of the nation via video and audio feeds is pretty intimidating to me, especially if I know accusers will be lined up to dramatically recount the harm I did to them. I would not want that, would you? No job in the world would be worth that kind of scrutiny.

Yet, I am told, that day is coming, and the entire creation will be present, when the irrefutable evidence will be presented that I am a sinner, deserving an eternity separated from God.

And I don’t fear that. My leader, my Lord, has forgiven me of those deeds, thoughts and omissions that collectively amounted to my sin. He paid the price. All that dirt is covered by his blood. Sins forgiven. And He is the only one who has that authority.

I chose and continue to choose Him and his ways, to follow His lead.

And I fail. Over and over, I fail.

And He picks me up. He never gets tired of picking me up.

Some days I follow Him. And many days He walks beside me because I lack the strength to follow.

Many of my brothers and sisters are today giving thanks for the Kavanaugh confirmation. A conservative majority is likely for years to come in the Supreme Court as a result of confirmation. Evangelical Christians applaud that because it will most likely mean a challenge to Roe v. Wade, something long promised by many Republican candidates.

On the surface, abortion is an issue of the heart, but Republicans saw political gain and votes in it going back to Ronald. Unfortunately, having worked for an all-Republican administration on the local level, I am repulsed by the party (as if the shenanigans at the upper levels were not sufficiently repulsive) and its “values” and want nothing to do with any of their candidates.

Further, I’m disturbed by the pro-lifers’ narrow definition of “life” and what beings have a right to it (I cringe when I see hot dogs being served at a Right to Life picnic). I’m not going to start a war over who has a right to life (ironically, war seems to be another one of those pro-life, Republican values), but I have lived long enough to feel very used and abused by political parties that adopt and dress up the Jesus I follow to their liking and advance of their causes.

As elections near, incumbents try to hold onto their warm seats. They have and will continue to make great promises and boast about their accomplishments, most of which, by the way, were probably started by the people they ousted. Rarely does anything get done quickly in government, except favors and political appointments.

It will be a nasty four weeks between now and the midterm election. Personally, it will be one more election of voting against candidates instead of voting for them. It is our only option under this insane two-party system.

BUT … the One who leads my life is of a single party who embraces all mankind, especially sinners like the ones we saw paraded before the Senate a few days ago. Sadly, the world looks for the Perfect One, the One Way, among the dead ends of humanity.

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  • Ruth Feather Posted October 8, 2018 8:19 am

    Well stated Carl Feather. You are a voice for many in this troubled world. Thank you for sharing your heart.

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