Image galleries

The images in these galleries, which are updated several times a year, are available at the art shows in the region, where I am a vendor.

Prints of these images are available to purchase; as I may already have the print made up and matted, please check with me on availability and mounting opti0ns.

Pricing is:

  • 5X7 print, no mount: $10
  • 5X7 print, 8X10 mount: $15
  • 8×10 print, no mount: $15
  • 8×10 print, 11×14 mount: $20
  • 11X14 print, no mount: $20
  • 11X14 print in 16X20 mount: $25
  • 16X20 print: $35
  • 20X30 print: $75

Prices are for lustre or matte surfaces. For metallic, add 25 percent.