I was a journalist for the Ashtabula Star Beacon for more than two decades. I also worked for the Conneaut News-Herald and Hometown News and was a stringer for the Erie Times, Conneaut Bureau. Retired from journalism, I now research topics to satisfy my curiosity and write about them to keep the mind active and feed the soul.

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Northeast Ohio history & culture

This page features stories about the history and culture of Northeast Ohio, primarily Ashtabula County. Topics include Lake Erie, rural lifestyles, the summer resort community of Geneva-on-the-Lake, covered bridges and the Ashtabula Train Disaster. Readers interested in learning more about these topics may be interested in purchasing Carl’s books Mountain People in a Flat Land; … Read More

Goldenseal journeys in W.Va.

I have been writing for Goldenseal magazine, a publication of West Virginia’s Department of Culture and History, since 1987, when my “First Cutting” manuscript was published. I have had more than 100 stories and photos published in the highly respected, subscriber supported quarterly. Posts on this blog present recently published material, often with additional photography … Read More

Heart words

Our cottage is a place of wood and stone surrounded by oak trees. Squirrels scamper across the front yard, cardinals and blue jays nibble at seed spread on stone ledges just beyond the drafty kitchen windows. In the late summer, wild turkeys bring their brood here in search of acorns; on snowy morns deer pause … Read More