We Lived on Oak Street, Finnish immigration documentary


We Lived on Oak Street immigration documentary on DVD


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Ashtabula Harbor, Ohio, was a major landing area for Finnish migrants in the latter-19th century. This is the story of hardships, assimilation and contribution in the World’s Greatest Iron Ore Receiving Port, Ashtabula, Ohio.

In Ashtabula Harbor, Ohio, on Lake Erie, the concentration of Finnish immigrants was so great in the early 20th century that mail from the homeland reached its destination with the simple address “Harbor” and the recipient’s name. The robust Finnish men were drawn to the Harbor by the job opportunities on the ore and coal docks, but they soon branched out into businesses and shop keeping. This one-hour documentary looks at the migration from the perspective of second- and third-generation Finns who grew up in the Finnish neighborhood on the Harbor’s west side, “Oak Street.”


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