We are Carl & Ruth Feather. Our stone cottage is located in Geneva, Ohio, and is both our home and the name of Carl’s media business. We are Christian, introverted Baby Boomers who are passionate about preserving stories from our geographic region through books and films. Carl has a special interest Appalachian history and is a regular contributor to Goldenseal, West Virginia’s magazine of oral history.

Our website is an eclectic mix of writing, photography and video from the perspective of Christian INFJs. We realize much of what we say won’t resonate with 98 percent of the population. That is OK. The Internet has become a popularity contest. We trust God will lead to our site those who will be blessed by our work. If that happens, we’ve accomplished our purpose.
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The Field Guide to all things Ashtabula

The Field Guide to all things Ashtabula

“Ashtabula County: A field guide to the natural,  historical and curious treasures of Ohio’s largest county” is back in stock. Additionally, Ruth and I will be at Jefferson, Ohio, Recreation Center on East Jefferson Street, Dec. 1, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. for their Christmas craft fair. The following Saturday, Dec. 8, we will

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