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The Feather Cottage—a real stone cottage in Geneva, Ohio—is the home of Carl & Ruth Feather. It’s also the business name of Carl Feather’s media production services. Carl is an author and filmmaker whose works explore northeast Ohio and Appalachian history and culture. He blogs about these topics, as well as their Christian faith, photography and filmmaking. As an INFJ, Carl is always looking for metaphor in life, and his posts frequently delve into the meaning behind daily experiences.
Carl and Ruth met in the summer of 2017 and married Dec. 23 of that year. As Ruth says, “There is a pot (Carl) for every lid (Ruth).” Quirky introverts, Carl and Ruth struggle to make sense of a world that doesn’t make sense to them most of the time. They share a love of nature, their perplexing Christian faith, animals (three cats/two dogs), old stuff, Laurel and Hardy, cheese and crackers and vegetarian diet. They also have no idea what they want to be when they grow up.
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34-04-19 turns 150

34-04-19 turns 150

A mile or so from the cottage, as the crow flies, stands the longest legacy covered bridge in Ohio. The Harpersfield (Township) Covered Bridge crosses the Grand River with two 114-foot wooden spans and a 140-foot-long metal span. Originally, as built in 1868, the bridge was just the two wooden spans. Severe flooding in March 1913

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