We are Carl & Ruth Feather. Our stone cottage is located in Geneva, Ohio, and is both our home and the name of Carl’s media business. We are Christian, introverted Baby Boomers, recently married, sharing our home with two dogs and three cats. Carl is an author and filmmaker, and you’ll find his books, blog and video services on this site. Ruth is a Certified Ophthalmic Technician. We have no idea what we want to be when we grow up. We are recovering perfectionists, vegetarians, INFJ, love old stuff/places and are quirky. A perfect team—as Ruth says, “There’s a lid (Ruth) for every pot (Carl).”
Our website is an eclectic mix of writing, photography and video from the perspective of Christian INFJs. We realize much of what we say won’t resonate with 98 percent of the population. That is OK. We are here to support others like us, not garner impressive Google statistics. We believe being authentic and true to ourselves, our passions and core values, to discovering the metaphor in daily living, and seeking the beauty in solitude and introspection.
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Breaking the web

Breaking the web

He always carried a pocket knife, just as his father and grandfather had done. His was a small one, two blades, both of which were kept sharp and ready for whatever chore befell them. They whittled sticks onto which hot dogs and marshmallows were pushed, they scraped corrosion from battery posts, cut the tags off

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