Film is history. With every foot of film that is lost, we lose a link to our culture, to the world around us, to each other, and to ourselves.

Martin Scorsese, filmmaker and member of the NFPF Board of Directors
8mm, super 8mm and 16mm silent and sound film transferred with prices starting at just 14 cents per foot. All work is done in our workroom at Bruceton Mills, W.Va. We do not outsource film transfers so there is no danger of the material being lost by a carrier.

Embedded on strips of acetate are memories, history and stories than will be lost without proper care and transfer to a digital format than can be played on your computer, Smart TV or DVD drive.

Perhaps you had your old movies transferred to VHS at some point. As you know, VHS players are difficult to find. Further, the tape disintegrates over time. Your film is actually more archival than VHS. Have the movies transferred today to a digital format that you can share on social media and archive with your other family history materials. We offer archiving to 100-year DVD discs. Personally, I encourage archiving to a hard drive or SSD.

I have collected and preserved 8mm, super 8mm and 16mm film since I was in high school-45 years ago. I love old film and the value it has for transporting us back to another time in our family members’ lives. I am passionate about helping others preserve their films for future generations to enjoy.

Film has many enemies. The acetate base can break down, causing vinegar syndrome (the film smells like vinegar). Once this process begins, it is irreversible. The story encapsulated on that film will be lost forever when that occurs. 

I use the Movie Stuff Universal transfer system to ensure professional results and HD quality. Our transfer process includes cleaning and inspecting the film before each frame of your motion picture is captured with a 2K camera. The movie is digitally restored from these frames, ensuring correct speed and no flicker, a common problem with consumer-grade transfer machines.

Sprockets can be damaged through careless projection, but our transfer equipment can usually capture images from even damaged film. Other problems related to film such as warping, damage from improper storage, moisture damage, fading and poor exposure/wrong color balance can often be mitigated or corrected in the transfer process.

All work is done at our “cottage” in Bruceton Mills, W.Va., 20 miles east of Morgantown.

Our base rate for transferring film is 14 cents per foot. We can add titles, music and edit out bad portions for an additional 10 cents per foot. These prices include saving the digital file to a USB “thumb” drive, included in the price. There is a minimum order of $30.

We also can save the files to your portable hard drive, which is required if you request the individual frames for further editing or saving in a lossless format.

When transferred to DVD, there is a $10 charge for the first DVD, $5 for each additional, plus a $10 processing fee.

We transfer VHS tapes to digital, as well. The cost is $20 for a 2-hour tape, $20 minimum charge.

440-415-3596 to discuss your project.

3 thoughts on “Film to digital

  1. Rebecca K Schuman

    I have approx. 60 or more VHS tapes. I intend to send 2 tapes to you for transfer to digital to try out your business. Do you provide a discount for “bulk” purchases?

    • Hello Becky:
      How long is each tape? Are you sure you want them on DVD and not on a flash drive? The cost in transferring is largely the time it takes to author and burn each DVD. Saving the files to a flash drive can be much more economical AND, very important, you will have a file that you can edit (cut out the bad stuff, save the best) and then burn just the best of the best to DVD. They can be played on a Smart TV through the USB port or computer. You can post them YouTube.

      If you want to send a couple of tapes, I’d be glad to run them for you and return for the cost of postage (or drop them off in Bruceton Mills, W.Va) so you can sample the service. There is only so much that can be done with these; the quality, color, sharpness is baked into the tape and all we can do digitize it. The information on the tapes is scant to begin with, so doing color correction, density boosts, etc., usually is not going to help. We can sweeten the audio track.

      Please note we do only VHS. I have a former colleague in Madison, Ohio, who specializes in all tape formats, and she might be a better option on that quantity of tapes. She is my pastor’s wife, Jennifer Winner. I sent all my non-VHS work to her and she had me do the film work, since that is more specialized and archival in nature. Give her a try, as well. Stay at home mom, small family business.

      CAPTURED MEMORIES – Got a tape? We’ll transfer it! (

      Carl E Feather

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