West Virginia Backroads videos added

During the past six months of recovery from open heart surgery, I have had the downtime necessary to put together several videos of my interviews for Goldenseal magazine. These videos are packaged as “West Virginia Backroads” and are available on YouTube.

Most of these videos deal with upcoming stories for Goldenseal. However, one of them is a strictly creative effort that celebrates winter in our neighboring nature preserve, Old Hemlock; a second celebrates autumn in scenes from throughout the state.

Other topics include:

Pickin’ in Parsons, the annual bluegrass festival in the county seat of Tucker County.

Reed’s Mill, a tour of a 1791 mill that still grinds Bloody Butcher and other heirloom grains in Monroe County.

Tom and John Rowan, Morgantown wood turners who produce museum-quality bowls with an artistic flair.


Writer, photographer, video producer and film collector, Carl E. Feather has a passion for Appalachia and its people and landscape.

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