A day with the Easter Bunny

bunny 2



My church, Friends Cornerstone in Madison, Ohio, a Quaker congregation, held its annual Easter Egg Hunt and Spring Carnival on Saturday. I had the honor of manning the photo booth, where a youngster could be photographed with the bunny and receive a print in a folder for just 15 tickets (tickets are much more manageable than money at this level. Come to think of it, perhaps we should be paid in tickets).

I quickly lost count of how many babies, toddlers, youngsters and parents, grandparent and aunts and uncles took a seat in front of the camera with the bunny. During the next five hours, I learned some valuable lessons:

  • Babies are afraid of the Easter Bunny, very afraid.
  • Toddlers are afraid of the Easter Bunny, screamingly afraid.
  • Children 5 and older love the Easter Bunny.
  • Most children can fit inside the Easter Bunny’s head. As a result, the Easter Bunny seems to dominate every part of the frame, no matter how you compose it.
  • Composition is secondary to expression.
  • Easter Bunnies get very hot and need frequent breaks.
  • Easter Bunnies have to go potty.
  • Printers run out of ribbon at the worst possible time.
  • Printer manufacturers require a firmware upgrade of the printer to be able to use the new style of ribbon.
  • That upgrade has to occur at the worst possible time.
  • The new ribbon arrangement is prone to jamming.
  • People are very patient and understanding.
  • This event is huge!
  • Where are all these people coming from?
  • People who can work with kids are incredible. How do they do that?
  • Sean is amazing. Where does he get his energy?
  • Did I mention that Easter Bunnies need to go potty?
  • Flashes, even those hooked to Pocket Wizards, fail to fire at the worst moments.
  • Children love the Easter Bunny.
  • You can have too much of a good thing. Easter candy is a good example.
  •  I’m glad I’m the photographer and not the Easter Bunny.